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Welcome !

Hi, I'm Lorna Adamson-Leigh,

I've launched a website to inform you about my Pilates classes and to help us keep in touch.

As many of you will know I am a qualified Oxford and Cambridge Registered Pilates instructor holding classes in the Yeovil, Sherborne, Gillingham and Sturminster Newton areas.  I am also a qualified Lawyer and practised in Employment Law before discovering Pilates to remedy a back problem.  I was so impressed with the improvement not only in my back but in my general suppleness and sense of wellbeing I decided to help others by teaching Pilates and I know you will be amazed by the overall improvement in your life when you feel and look supple and fit.

Why Pilates?
For those that have never tried Pilates it is an exercise programme which can be tailored to suit any level of fitness or unfitness!  It consists of a series of exercises and stretches designed to strengthen the core body muscles which support the spine.  It is, therefore, particularly suitable to those with back problems. It also works on general suppleness and fitness resulting in long lean muscles and an improved posture. It is suitable for any age group from the superfit athlete to the elderly but a class which is right for your level of fitness should be found and then attended regularly for good results.  Two classes per week is ideal though the benefits of one class will be felt and enjoyed.

Joseph & Clara Pilates - click for information on the founders of Pilates

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